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In our house the word "walk" gets all the tails wagging. From trail blazing hikes to a walk around the block, regular exercise will keep your dog happy and healthy.
Learn how to be a leader and prevent problem behaviour in the future. Private and group training available. 

For our medium to high energy friends who need lots of opportunity to burn off extra energy. Ideal pack members will be social, in good health and ready for an off-leash adventure.

2-hour hike



For our medium to low energy friends who need to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Ideal pack member will be social, in good health and ready to make friends and get to know the neighbourhood.

30 minute walk



Private walks are for our dog friends who need special love and attention. Private walks offer many advantages for dogs that are not social or still working on their leash etiquette.

To Be Determined



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Keenan Thom; owner
Hi, my name is Keenan and I am a co-owner at Beast K9. Since childhood I have always loved dogs and the outdoors. Dog walking has allowed me to combine two passions into an amazing job I love. I am currently apprenticing as a dog trainer and am interested in understanding dog behaviour and communication. 
By Laura Sleath 12 Sep, 2016
Who are the new owners of Beast K9 Services? Heather Barron, former owner, has been asked this question many times. 

We are so excited to share the news! Beast Canine Services has been sold to Keenan and Laura.   This duo and their pups Dulce and Myla are former clients of dog trainer and previous owner Heather Barron.

Keenan has loved animals since he was small and has always been there to help friends and family with their pets.   After working as a cook, landscaper, newspaper delivery, and a steal framer, Keenan was looking for something new and since he loves dogs and the outdoors, his dream job was found.    After a dog walk at Langford Lake, the plan was made: Keenan would apprentice under Heather and we would purchase Beast Canine Services.

Dulce is a Mexican rescue and was very shy when she first arrived in Canada; we knew that help would be needed to train her and help her adapt to her new life in Canada.   We met Heather through her socialization classes and then completed her puppy training classes.  We loved her positive approach, plus her passion for helping animals become the best they could be. 

Keenan has already started his apprenticeship with Heather, and will continue to be mentored and coached by her in all aspects of the business.  Heather will not be disappearing for a little while yet.   We will be doing a pack walk at the end of September for all her former pack members to wish her luck in her new career and to meet Keenan and Laura.  Stay tuned for more details.

Beast Canine Services will continue to offer dog training, socialization, boarding and walking services.  Keenan will be our primary dog walker; he will be offering group obedience classes in partnership with Heather in the Fall of 2016.


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